Here I am


I’m back again. Hallelujah! Not that I now have time or anything, god forbid. But I’ve just had this irresistible urge to write and here I am.



To have 10,000 things on your mind and 10,000 more to finish before the end of the day is not the most pleasant of states, trust me. And I’m currently in that state. Yeah, I have no more hair to pull.


Studying the relationship between literary research and translation is a really interesting topic but keeps making me wonder with all kinds of brilliant ideas and a name of book in this paragraph and a short story in the following. I mean, how in the name of the devil I’m supposed to concentrate??

So I’ve been doing the chapter for hours. In the middle of that struggle, I checked up on two of my ‘friends’ -no matter how loose, stretched and ambiguous that term might me. Shoot, my professor told us not to use the term ambiguous because it’s so ambiguous. Anyway.


It’s Friday. Tomorrow I have a class. I told you I was going to instruct in my university, didn’t I?? Now I am. I have a class a week. I teach English as a second language. It’s fun. The students lack the basics but they’re eager learners so this makes up for that.


But it’s awkward as hell. Only 3 students are younger than I. And the class is 26! And you know how, well, mmm, not instructor-like I am at most time which makes me look younger than my 25 years and puts me in all kinds of ridiculous situations. What’s wrong with my life??

The school I’m working in is only getting worse. Since I told them I was not staying, they started openly excluding me. Like, do it subtly people. But no! Here we are sending our teachers to workshops and courses and events and not taking you and only you. Why! Because you’re not welcomed here. Why! Because you’re not a deaf-mute Friday who only does what he’s instructed.


Do you really have to bring Robinson Crusoe’s Friday in this? Afraid they might forget you’re a literature freak??

But it’s not too bad. Of course it’s too bad but it isn’t too too bad because now I’m afraid of nothing and I speak my mind and I raise my voice and I do whatever I want in class. Ha!


I’m taking three courses this term in my Masters which is suicidal and insane but it suits me just fine. I have three researches to write and I’m still stuck with the first. Guess why? Because I chose The Picture of Dorian Grey. I’m supposed to write about the similarities and differences between the book and its film adaptations. And though I read the book before and I’m only re-reading it now, I cannot move beyond few pages a time. I mean, who can?! I have to sit and think and wonder and hate myself and the world before I move on. I don’t think I’ll be done any time soon.


Still working on my killers article.. Not having much time to watch.



There are some great airing Korean dramas right now it’s crazy!! You’re watching Signal right? Of course you are. Works like Signal make me just want to write a similar out-of-earth script. That’s one more project. See how my mind works!





And there’s Mrs Cop 2 and Kim Min Jong is back and I literally freak out whenever he’s on screen and I can’t focus and I die and oh my god..

I’m also reading four books. Not studying-related. What am I doing with my life??


The Mask of Troy by David Gibbins has the most brilliant idea which is one of the hugest passions of my life but the presentation is so uninteresting it makes me hate it but unable to drop it.


Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad is not the kind of novel to be read in the school bus while playing loud music to avoid hearing the kids’ unending chatter and while trying to survive the way. The roads here are so perfect the bus cannot move straight! It’s a roller coaster, literally. So I’m not reading much in it.


My student gave me The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. I started it but got interrupted by another book; A Game of Thrones by George R.R Martin. I’m on season 3 of the series but decided to pause and read the books. Not a bad decision at all.


I’m planning to watch When Harry Met Sally later. Maybe an episode of Last and few chapters of A Game of Thrones. What are you doing today/tonight?

Ah, have I told you that I have this classmate who’s the doppelganger of Ben Barnes. You won’t even believe it. If Ben Barnes saw him he’d freak out.


Until we meet again..


I care for your opinion ^^

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