You Can Make Time


I used to tell my relatives and friends who absolutely did nothing in their lives -like, nothing!- when I would give them ideas to invest their time in and they would say, ”Why, I have no time!” -I would be about to explode- that they could make time if they wanted. When my parents said that one phrase twice yesterday, I was about to faint. YOU CANNOT MAKE TIME.

I’m finally back to my daily schedule. Calling it a daily schedule is funny since it takes me at least five days to finish. So anyway, just now I can sit down and write. It’s been a week since I met you last. So what happened in this week?


dcbec9dc8426616c08c2fb7baac65e06.jpgIt’s the exams in my school. Exams period means being completely busy or, completely busy. In school, we supervise examination halls. After school, we do paper work. When we have time in school and we decide to get some paper work done, one grim reaper calls us, head of department or headmistress. Can’t you leave us the hell alone, you freaks?!

Teachers, to my office.

The few days before the exams started and after my immediate grim reaper (HOD) made me finish the material in a rush, I found I had time left! Whoops! What to do?! No way I would give extra worksheets -though I did-. So I picked one of my workmates’ films. I had to choose one that actually teaches something. So I picked Mary Poppins. And jeez-oh-man, you need to see my two classes of boys and girls singing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I still cannot sing it!


My grade 4 had their English exams. English exams consist of: grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, literature, spelling and writing. Who’s checking them? Me. When? The devil knows!


On Sunday I went with two of workmates to Costa Coffee where we had a great time checking and sipping at the delicious coffee. I got cappuccino. I love anything that has whatever coffee in it.

Today, one pregnant and tired workmate but so nice and generous cooked us food! Doesn’t matter what. It was food and it was yummy and I ate my full.. Hhhh I eat and enjoy everything so nobody cares about my opinion when it comes to food which is so annoying.


Before I leave work behind, there’s one slut I need to talk about. Excuse my French but the bitch is getting on my nerves to an intolerable level. I don’t know what’s in me that always attracts cows and scumbags but yeah. At the beginning of the school year I had only two grade 4 classes. 16 periods a week and was barely managing. Out of the blue and after two months, Immediate Grim Reaper called me telling me that I’d be teaching grade 8 girls. WHAT? Yeah, go figure. Bad enough that I came two months late. Bad enough that I basically was lost because they literally threw me into the classroom without preparation or any idea. Bad enough that the arrogant teenagers didn’t like me at first glance. I do leave a deep first impression, you see. Their previous teacher decided to ruin my life for a change. You know my life is all in place and I only need this old bag to meddle. So she’s been asking my students about me behind my back telling them things then going to the other teachers and telling them other things. How I don’t teach ANYTHING and how I’m poisoning the girls’ minds and how she’s so concerned about the state of matters and how I’m affecting her relationships with other teachers.. wait, wait, wait! Hey, you, dragon! I have no time to breathe much less think of you. And when she sees me she smiles so brightly like nothing ever happened and I hate this kind of people the most and one day I’ll pull her hair and engage into a cat fight like I used to do in middle school. Teachers or not.


To my studying world, I finished my paper on The Poisonwood Bible, blessed be the lord! I finished it after I slept ON papers, books, laptops and pens for a week. My lovely and sweet friend Bernie proofread for me like she always does and wrote me this:

Fascinating reading.  Lots of thoughts go through my mind while reading your observations and those of the others that you quote.  I do not enjoy reading books that tackle heavy subjects like this anymore.  I like my escapist reading!  When I was young it was fascinating, and exciting, and infuriating, and aroused passions and interesting discussions.  Now that I am old it just makes me tired reading about it and permanently resistant to talking about it.  Yet, your synopsis distilled a lot of information into a readable and understandable and thought-provoking paper.  There is enough information in it for someone who has not read the book to understand the message and to begin to think for themselves about the ideas and ideals being raised here.  As usual you write on a level far above what I am used to reading.  I (repeating myself ad nauseum) am again amazed at your command of thought and word and your ability to so succinctly express those thoughts and words in a language not ‘your own’.   Excellent job again dear girl!!!

And goodness me how proud of myself I felt and how I started giggling alone hugging and patting myself, especially when I had a pre-writing syndrome (when you sit down a hundred of times to write but is unable to kick it off. My term) and as I wrote I felt I was writing crap. My hard work is finally paying off. Here you go girl!

Smartphone-MoodI’m reading a book called Red-Robin by Jane Abbott on Oodles Free Ebook Reader and the book is unexpectedly good. Not the existential type but not a shallow one. Well, to be sure reading on my smartphone then studying on my laptop is killing my eyes but what to do?!



Today’s my MA classes. We’ll be talking Deconstruction. I like Derrida. I like those who think they’re more intelligent than the whole world and can do a great job at looking so. Deconstruction in the BA did change my way of thinking.

Last week it was about psychoanalysis and I did my presentation. Whenever I have a presentation and I need to photocopy papers, my dad does that for me. A girl should not walk around after sunset. Almost-obsessive over-protectiveness has some advantages. First, I had no money at all so dad paid! Second, it was freezing cold. Always look at the full half of the cup! Especially if it was a coffee cup.

In class, the professor asked about our favourite theories. When he reached me, he said, ”Well, apart from Feminism, please?” So when I stared at him really hard like he was the ghost of a writer I longed to meet, he started explaining himself. ”You know there’s nothing as Feminism if you look at the divine scheme.” That term I’m going to remove from all languages. ”Women have been granted their rights in religions. Don’t defy the divine scheme.”


Can I just murder the man?! If I cannot talk about literature in literature class, where am I supposed to?????

Not so bad when my classmate got me EXO K’s Mama’s CD! Original and all! Her brother works in China and has a Korean girlfriend who keeps sending her stuff. And being uninterested -fortunately- she brings them to me. The full half, mind!


Though I was not permitted to talk about feminism, my professor let me lead the class and the discussion and told the other students that he wouldn’t interfere because he wouldn’t be able to stop me anyway. The students said I looked like the devil logo that is associated with id in psychoanalysis. I didn’t mind.


I watched the first episode of All About Mom. I had it downloaded so I thought about giving it a try while knitting Park Si Hoo’s scarf and I dropped the drama right afterwards. The story wasn’t attractive at all and the acting looked forced for me. Nobody was acting. It was as if they were rehearsing or something. I rarely judge dramas after one episode but I won’t gamble here especially when it’s a 50-episode show. Farewell amazing cast.



Watched episode 12 Jewel of the Palace and how I cried. I watch an episode of this drama every other month and it never fails to get me back in the mood and make me feel all the overwhelming emotions. How I cried!



I also watched the first episodes of Great King Sejong and D-Day. Loved both. The former confused me so much as I tried to recollect all the actors I watched play King Taejong. And what a variety!

Four great actors to portray such a controversial character.


And I finished Harry Potter films. And here what I answered my friend and soul-sister Joelle when she asked me how I felt:

I have myriads of thoughts. First I thought I had to listen to Kim min Jong and here I am. I realised I can’t read in my novel for the mean time. Staring out of the window like lunatic. I have to buy the books. I love Harry and everyone else so fucking much. Oh God I knew Snape was not a bad guy since the very first moment. How could I not watch it earlier? This has changed my life, .I need to cry. Nostalgic already


Got myself a new WiFi modem. Discovered an addictive game called Jelly Splash – I shouldn’t be doing this!-. Contacted someone I longed for for years even though I know I shouldn’t. Bought MANY books. Drank hotchocolate coffee from a cafe when I used to think I was the only crazy person making it. I had a pretty busy week, indeed!

Lemme wrap up with this lovely song.. Thank you for hanging on with me. xoxo

Wait, if you’re not into the above, then you might like this.. No way I’ll send you away unhappy ^^


7 thoughts on “You Can Make Time

  1. I have no idea how many times I watched the Harry Potter Movies, but I have read the books…all of them, 7 times! And have been eyeing them again recently since it has been some years now. I so want to live in that world! Between that one and Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern…which world will I inhabit? I have never been so totally immersed as I was with those 2 series!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Pern is an OLD series….like 1960’s!!! Luke read the first half dozen or so when he was about 10 or 12 and didn’t come back to earth for weeks afterwards! There are a couple dozen in the series, but a lot of them are way out tangents. I have read virtually every one of her sci fi series. Love her. Of course she is long gone now. I think her son is trying to keep the series going. I dream of a Pern movie before I die!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. can you do Amazon/Kindle? They are there. You can get the first 3 in the series for one price.

        They are terrific reading for teens (girls and boys) who love fantasy/fantasy romance/fantasy adventure. Because they are Dragon Riders! I want to ride a dragon!!! There are issues some might take ‘issue’ with as green and blue dragon riders are often gay (tho this is just mentioned in one of the stories and not a huge deal). And the mating ritual of the Gold Queen bonds her not only with her bronze dragon, but bonds the 2 riders also. The Queen rises for a mating flight and the same bronze won’t always fly her, so switching partners is a possibility. But the protagonists in these stories are life mated, so that only happens in other Weyrs (caves) that appear tangentially in the story and not until later in the series if I remember right.

        Liked by 1 person

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