Up to My Eyeballs in Living


I love to take that idiom literally because that’s what I am. Working in private schools is the most insane act anybody one earth can do. In Missing Noir M, there’s one story about a team of tricksters who rip people out of their money, well not so simply or innocently. Anyway, the main actress in that team gets beaten up every other day to make the act look real and be able to deceive others. She gets beat really bad! For the sake of money. Well, I am just like her. I walk five days a week into a torture chamber, voluntarily, for the bit of money I get.


What? Did you just say you didn’t watch Missing Noir M? Are you even serious????

So it’s the end of the first term and everybody is going crazy. Wrap up the exam material. Give worksheets. Check books and notebooks. Finish the marks. Call the parents. Write exams. Me? I’m late in doing all of them trust me. Why? Because I have no time! How do others manage? Well, ask them! I’m getting a notice tomorrow for the late marks. I got one yesterday because I was late to class -well I had one before it, you see- and in that minute, one of my students fell and cut his eye. AWESOME! You might bet they’ll kick me out before I have time to resign. Speaking of what, they asked us today who was staying for next year and I firmly and unhesitatingly said: NOT I!


My students prepared a huge apology event after that day when I had the flu. Remember? (You didn’t read the first entry. Well here you go!)


devil-300x225Letters and gifts and tears. I was touched believe you me. But 5 minutes afterwards, undone! Devils!
Uh-Uh! Sorry I’m so literal today!


What am I doing right now? Typing obviously. I was reading on psychoanalysis. I have to meet Mr Freud and have a serious talk with him. Everybody is supposed to present a work of art in the light of one theory in my MA class (TODAY!). I chose The Turn of the Screw. I’m trouble to my own self. I’ve been basically lost in the maze (watching Harry Potter films so pardon me) for the past week. Finished reading The Poisonwood Bible. img_04332-e1306464884138.jpgRead the last chapter in the school bus and started crying. In that kind of situation you should pretend that nobody can see or hear you. That’s the best way out of it. So I finished reading the novel and choosing the quotes I’d be using which are so many! Then I started reading about The Turn which was even crazier.




I started writing a new series for MyDramaList called Korean Heroes and Heroines Born in 1990. You might check it out here:


Went back to my Korean and Spanish studies which are not progressing at all and which I have no time to -so don’t ask me how I manage because I truly and sincerely have not the slightest clue-. I have no time to take a shower! No, I don’t stink but I really don’t have time. You should see my room. My room is a collection of piles. Clothes piles. Books piles. Blanket piles. Makeup piles (don’t know how it worked). Me piles! You see, I’m wearing all kinds of different types of clothes on top of each other. Absolutely various and imbalanced colours. You might imagine my hair. Especially after I cut it so short and dyed it alone and it turned out to be a terrible mess. My mom in a cleaning freak and she almost has a stroke every time she steps into my room -so I advise her not to-. In order to give her the last straw I announced my decision today to get rats for pets. You can imagine her reaction. Yeah yeah run your imagination wild. Sitcom-wise.


So I said I was watching Harry Potter for the first time in my life. YEAH! And I really really love it. I finished the fourth film and I wish I had more time on my daily timetable for watching. It’s so good and so magical it revives my dull imagination and my oh my I want to live like a wizard! And I WANT A WAND! GET ME A WAND! I wouldn’t mind an invisibility cloak though. Heavens!








Watched the two latest episodes of Six Flying Dragon which is only getting better and Remember and what a turn of events! I really recommend both if you’re not watching already. You won’t run  out of eye-candies either.


71714-380930.jpgBack to my serious crush on Yesung. He’s shooting pictorials for magazines and he’s so frigging hot I can’t even! Not like I’m watching two dramas with a bunch of my favourite stars that I have a space for Yesung but he’s just irresistible. To commemorate the occasion, give this song a listen. And watch of course. His expressions are priceless.


I already recommended books and Korean dramas above so lemme recommend a film. If you haven’t watched The Innocents (1961) or 2012 (2009) give them a try. Each is good in its way.


”All the noise in my brain. I clamp it to the page so it will be still”.

The Poisonwood Bible


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