Korean Actors Born to be Villains; Part 4

Here I am again gritting my teeth to try and give an overview on another group of actors who can perfectly perform evil roles.


P.S I chose the most recent photos. For more effect, you know!

Jeong Dong Hwan (66)


Give this veteran actor any role and ask him to shine. He does. He can really be pitiful but he can also be devilishly scary.

JDH can be one helluva selfish father crashing his children’s life in order to use them to his benefit (Mask, The Heirs) or a corrupt politician wearing the mask of a patriotic one but doing all kinds of evil under the table (Endless Love, You’re All Surrounded, Punch). Many such other roles. JDH, for me, is an unwelcome sight in dramas. I just cower under his gaze. Anticipating what kind of new enormities will he be showing me.

Yoon Je Moon (45)


King2Hearts reminiscences. I loved the show to bits. I still have issues with Lee Seung Gi but all else just stunned me. Yoon Je Moon was one great reason. How can someone be so perfect at being a psychopath that it’s so hard for me to accept him in any other role?! He was so cute in IRIS but I couldn’t think of him without remembering his insane laugh and mentally-sick actions. WOW! That’s what I call pure evil genius. Learned a lot from the guy.

A Tree With Deep Roots was just another vast space for his craziness to show. And the fact that it was my first sageuk; YJM did a great job at establishing himself in my heart as a no-way-I’ll-love-you actor.

And he’s such a brilliant one!

I was planning to talk about Uhm Hyo SeopAhn Suk Hwa and Kim Kap Su here but I already did in another article. Let’s not repeat ourself! If you’re interested in reading what I had to say about them, check my article here:



Son Chang Min (50)


Everybody who reads me knows how much I love this man. I just adore him. I’m watching him now in Matchless Beauty Park Jung Geum and he’s so cute I feel like jumping into the drama and pinching his cheeks. But even though I adore him I couldn’t love him in Road Number 1. He was bad! Grievously bad! If he was a North Korean soldier or something I would have understood but he was a South Korean selfish soldier picking fights with his comrades, looking for glory and ruining everything. Thankfully he changes at the end but. Up till the point he starts changing, you cannot fathom or tolerate the man. He was so good there I still vividly recollect how I felt watching him.

Chun Ho Jin (55)


If men grow up half as charismatically as this man!

When this man is playing courageous and chivalric roles (like his now in Six Flying Dragons), Oh my goodness I just die. And when he’s evil, he’s so perfectly evil you cannot love him even if you want. No?

I’ve yet to finish Bluebird House but I saw enough. Double-faced and paranoid, Jang Tae Soo lives his life deceiving others wearing the caring and humane mask. Damn and it would look so real you would doubt yourself.

In Doctor Stranger, he played one more politician obsessed with power! But that gaze and that passion in his voice when he talked about his plans and ambitions were petrifying. I kept telling myself that it was all acting but I, also, kept screaming, ”somebody top that man.” The whole world didn’t matter as long as he achieved his ends. And it was painfully frightening to watch.

City Hunter had in store one intriguing character for Chun Ho Jin. The drama ended and I couldn’t form a clear idea on the guy. He was obviously a selfish schemer who believed his own lies. But he believed them completely that even I couldn’t doubt them. He was that good. Heavens!

Dirty Carnival! Damn! Watch it and tell me what you think of him. You’ll know what I mean.

Lee Bum Soo (45)


May this guy keep acting forever and ever! As evil as he can get.

Tell me about Last. I’ve yet to finish it. But… that smirk! That stare! And his moments of silence! He should start teaching a course called: How to be a Villain. I’ll attend!

It was the Divine Move that placed this guy high on my list. I often ask this question, do Korean actors receive therapy after finishing their projects? As a watcher, I, sometimes, feel that I need therapy after watching certain works -it’s just that I can’t afford it-. But seriously, if I who spent two hours watching The Divine Move couldn’t get over it and felt like dying, how would the actors feel? Was Lee Bum Soo okay acting such a ruthless bloodthirsty son of a bitch?! Was he alright after convincingly committing all the atrocities he committed? It was hard for me to watch him again so how was it for him?! It’s worrying!

I had to add writing to my timetable to be able to set time aside and write. I’m being drowned into studying and work I’m unable to breathe. So till the next time, adieu!



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