Korean Actors Born to Be Villains; Part 3

One more group of Korean villains..

Kim Sang Joong (50)


He’s just so good..

Not only in his bloody revenge in which he used the boy he raised as his son (City Hunter), but even in the not-so-good A New Leaf where he presented the quietest and most solemn villain ever. Calm, composed and overly intelligent, he used the law AND people to gain fame and fortune. Never blinking or raising his voice. Whether be it in CH with his shooting scenes in the tight shirt and his confrontations with Lee Min Ho, or his behind-the-desk monotonous legal arguments, Kim Sang Joong managed to always give me the chills.

Kim Chang Wan (61)


Here comes a famous villain. One villain who can be so hateful no matter how repetitive his roles are. This in itself is a great talent!

He’s always -when bad and which is often- a ruthless and ambitious arsehole. In White Tower and Secret Love Affair he presented those in power who care none but for more power, more authority and more money. Nothing AT ALL matters when it comes to those three. With that grin that sends shivers down my spine always, he’d give orders, set people against each other and gain more, and more.

Iljimae showed us one awful king who started with the best intentions and ended up giving up to his greed and massacring his comrades and starving his people. His most memorable scene from that brilliant drama, for me, is when he just loses his sanity because of his fears. Running around looking for his imagined killers made me feel so much better!

But it was his Secret Door performance that will last in my memory for long. The way he bullied the king, threatened and kept him in check! Man, no wonder Han Seok Kyu stared at him with utter horror. Can’t imagine having to deal with such a beast of a man for more than 30 years..

Lee Duk Hwa (63)


I really don’t want to write about this man but I know I can’t because he’s practically everywhere and he’s so so bad and he’s so good at being so bad and his voice is scary and his face is hateful and his eyes scare me out of my wits and I don’t like him and…

Let’s breathe in..

So.. you know!

He’s always the rich and ambitious man who doesn’t only consider his family as a burden but  also adds to their agony (created by him), pain and troubles. He’s so merciless. If I were to coin the Koreans :” He has no blood or tears. 피도 눈물도 없는 사람.”

He would gladly ruin his son’s dreams for his own ambition (Queen of Ambition), abandon him, destroy him emotionally then come back to demand his place (Hotel King) or lock him away because he suffers from a mental issue (Hyde,Jekyll,Me). Of course he’d kill his brother, friends and anyone else for the ultimate authority (Shine or Go Crazy).

If I were asked to imagine the devil as one person, I’d immediately point out Lee Duk Hwa. I just can’t.

Jang Hyeon Seong (45)


No! Don’t go there! Put Heard it Through the Grapevine aside and focus! You can’t talk about loving him to bits here!

Okay. This man has looked 40 forever! He’s always looked old and he never ages. Fair enough.

Assembly had him as an ambitious but brilliant politician who knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. Impressive! It was okay for him to blackmail a dying brain tumor patient for money in Punch. Or throw all his beliefs and morals for his political career in Secret Door. His wife fooling around didn’t bother him at all in Secret Love Affair as long as he got what he wanted through her. Loyalty meant nothing to him when money did and he set ‘family’ members against one another in Five Fingers.

Sometimes I feel just like running him over in a blind zone.

Kim Young Hoon (37)


This guy is so so handsome and so so mean, life has got to be a bit fair, don’t you think?

I just want to mention his two roles that stuck in my mind. Fated to Love You where he almost ruined the life of the cutest and most innocent woman ever in such a callous way. And his Ugly Alert one because he appears for a long time and often enough to get on my nerves more than I can afford. There he is a perfectionist who lacks nothing and is so annoyed by one woman’s rejection. See what he’ll do for that useless pride of his!

My Special Villain:

In Gyo Jin (35)


I liked this guy in Queen Seon Duk. He had his WTF moments where I wanted to slap him really hard but mostly he worked for his country and people. But when I saw him in Make A Woman Cry I received a shock. The stylist did a good job at making him look mean and that he was.

WOW! How I hated him! How can a man be so despicable? You might have wondered ten thousand times. Of course before the sickness-revealed-redemption-gained moment. But the part that made me hate him more is that I know people who are exactly that low, that selfish, that spiteful and that inhumane. They’re too near to my pleasure. No exceptions. He treated his mother, family members, wife and even potential in-laws with the same I’m-the-centre-of-the-world-go-to-hell-for-all-I-care way. And that look in his eyes! Will expect more villain roles from him after this one.

What do you think of today’s villains?


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