Korean Actors Born to Be Villains; Part 2


What kind of energy does an actor need to be able to present powerful villain performances? What type of willpower it requires him to portray such huge amounts of evilness, trickery, hatred and inhumanity? Or is it merely pushing forward our other side that we purposely try to hide?

Today I have another group of Korean actors who perform villainy so naturally it’s confusing to see them playing other roles.

Park Young Kyu



Though this veteran actor can be a real scream, he’s also known for his utter hateful villain characters. As much as I enjoy his comic performances, I cannot help hating him when he wants me to. He’s brilliant at moving at the audience, I believe.

He mostly plays the loathsome experienced and shrewd man of power who dreams of absolute control and knows no human emotions; an urbane politician in Assembly and the Three Musketeers, an ambitious and ruthless ”educationist” in Angry Mom, a controlling father who hurts his children constantly in Protect the Boss (even if he was hilarious there) and My Lovely Girl, an uncle and a brother who cares none for his family in order to snatch and keep what he wants (Falling for Innocence) and a merciless father with an inferiority complex towards his son (Hwajung)

No matter what the evil role is, Park Young Kyu seems to just smirk and take it; confidently.

Park Geun Hyeong



Is it really okay for him to keep being so bad at this age? I mean, does it not affect his health in any way? He can be so bad it’s sheer horror to watch him!

He plays different types of evil roles to perfection. He can be an aspirant and heartless politician who cares none about his family much less his people (Angry Mom, Sandglass) or an inhuman businessman doing all kinds of horrid things just because he feels like them (The Legendary Witch).

I literally fear him.

Yeon Jung Hoon



In my first Kdrama ever I hated Yeon Jung Hoon. He was the bad guy in Sad Love Story. In order to get the girl he loved he did some nasty things. But he was the type of good guy who’d lose his mind when his love was threatened.

But the drama of ten years ago foreshadowed the birth of a real villain who crept the hell out of the drama characters and the audience with an outstanding performance in Mask. His stares, monotonous voice, evil smirk and that insane confidence in his dark schemes are too brilliant to disregard but too evil to listen to. At many moments of the drama I would catch myself getting hyspnotised by his evil genius. I would write down what he said and actually ponder upon them. Then I’d slap myself back to life. Ya! Pull yourself together! His logic is crazy, I know, but strangely convincing. A huge part of me wanted to cheer him on. That’s how scary he was.

Kim Gyu Chul



This actor looks like a bad person. I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t say that but I can’t help it. Even when he doesn’t act a bad person -which is rare- I just can’t like him.

The drama I want to mention is Golden Cross. In it, he played the most hateful character. Jung Bo Suk there was a born psycho but this man was not. He had all his wits about him. He was cunning, educated and well-planned. He chose the amoral way knowing what lay ahead because it benefited him more. He didn’t trust anyone when he acted like he did and was prepared to stab anyone in the back -which he did. He simply summarised in him all the appalling qualities of the human existence, to my disgust.

Choi Min Soo



Awiiee this genius! If only I could, I would collect all his works and distribute them to each household across the globe. I feel so sad when others cannot see what talents this man has.

I will definitely watch all his works one day. Until then, I’ll talk about what I saw.

How shall I start?! Backwards?

In Pride and Prejudice he played the prosecutor with many dark secrets. He was strict, insulting and extremely suspicious. He played reports up, hid documents and stole cases.

He played that one character no body would like -except for me.

In Warrior Baek Dong Soo he presented one helluva performance of a bloody assassin with a broken heart. His beard, long hair and swordplay added dark charisma to the barbaric killer. Genius!

In Yesterday he was a nutcase of a scientist. He was so cruel and so unreasonable it was hard to watch. The film for me was a total mess but CMS was just awesome.

My supreme evil role of him is from Phantom, the Submarine. He played a character thirsty for power and lost in twisted ideals and beliefs. To achieve the dreams those beliefs inspired in him he’d go to any measure. Choi Min Soo gave a chilling performance as he plotted, killed and declared his atrocious ideas. He amazed me to infinity.

My Special Villain:

Kim Nam Gil as Bidam


I don’t know Kim Nam Gil. I only watched him in Lovers and he didn’t catch my attention at all. Even when everybody talked about how awesome he was I wasn’t in the least curious to check his works. Then I watched Queen Seon Duk.

Some people are born villains, true. Bidam had no idea how much blackness hid in his heart even when his master did. Love triggered that buried blackness and one unstoppable villain was born. Bidam was a conniving, fearless and cynical man. He lived purposelessly until he fell in love. Ideals never mattered to him. Dreams and ambitions didn’t either. So he centred his life around the woman. In order to protect her and his love for her, he did unspeakable things.

If there’s anything like noble villainy I’d call what Bidam did that. For once, villainy was acceptable. For once, terrible things were less terrible. For once, I cried for a villain. Bidam was not any villain. He was the product of an unfair world and a crazy love. Bidam was one villain who moved the heart. I know I’m uttering complete nonsense but I was heart and soul with Bidam, despite what he did.

If you still think I’m not as insane as to be incapable of coming with a next part, tune in to next week’s. ^^



4 thoughts on “Korean Actors Born to Be Villains; Part 2

  1. Oh, Park Young Kyu – I loved him in Protect the Boss and then, when I found out he does lots of even worse roles – he broke my heart. Same with Ahn Kil Kang. I loved him as Witch An in Surplus Princess – and then I saw him as Chil Sook in Queen Seon Duk and my heart broke. I have a hard time separating actors from their roles!

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