Korean Actors Born to Be Villains; Part 1


There are some actors who have been born to play villains. Everything about them just speaks of a villain. They rarely play good roles and if they do it strangely just doesn’t suit them. Some others can master any role. It’s intriguing to see them playing bad ones. I’ll discuss a group of those villains today.

Jeong Wung In



This man looks like a villain, acts like one and it doesn’t suit him not to be one. His eyes, eyebrows, voice and that evil smirk let alone his laugh are so creepy. Even when he gets the same roles he’s completely able to make you hate his guts. He can be funny but that’s not his main ”charm”.

It was his outstanding I Hear Your Voice performance that stole my attention. Man he was a real psycho. His passionate urge for revenge and the hatred in his eyes were so alive it was scary. It was nothing like acting. It was real.

In Queen Seon Duk he was shrewdly evil. Not the type to go around killing but who plots instead. His vanity and cynicism were so goosebumps-giving.. Don’t stare at me like that! I know there’s no such expression.

I hated him the most in Endless Love. That was sick. His obsession with one woman that led him to innumerable cruel crimes was terrible to watch. He was so disgusting I couldn’t look at him. The creeps.

In Hwajeong he was rather the sly selfish politician looking for the safer deal. He committed his share of crimes all the same.

Jung Woong In is one actor who should see a counselor if he doesn’t already. Because if I were him I wouldn’t be able to co-live with myself.

Jeong Bo Suk



This man is simply awful. I’m glad I watched High Kick Through the Roof because if it wasn’t for his hilarious role there I would not have ventured in any of his other roles. Of course he didn’t disappoint and went back to being the villain. Too natural to give up I bet!

He’s always selfish, arrogant and bossy with no moral or human limits. He always believes the world revolves around him and has an amazing ability to justify his actions. He’s so self-absorbed it’s so shocking to look at.

In Tomorrow’s Cantabile he was a self-centred father who never acknowledged his son because he didn’t reach his standard of genius. The way he treated his son was so pathetically novel I couldn’t help but stare at him. He should have won an award for the worst father.

Golden Cross marked his most dreadful role. WOW! How can a man be so long and so deeply deceived in his own self and actions! How can he be so self-righteous and not see the worth in any other person?! Till the very end, he was just awful.

As for A Bittersweet Life, he amazed as the husband-not-to-be. If I ever got stuck with such a husband I’d shave my head and become a monk! He didn’t like his wife. He deceived her contemptibly. But then he refused to let her go! GO TO HELL MAN!

Whenever I see him in the cast of one drama I’m starting I take a deep breath and consider it a battle of patience.

Song Jong Ho



Though this guy can play the kindest and most pitiful of men, he can surely play a villain. To the point of astonishment.

When I spotted him in The Girl Who Sees Scents I was excited to see how bad he might prove to be. He wasn’t, poor one. I’m not complaining about the bad guy there! Don’t misunderstand!

In Dr. Frost and The Suspicious Housekeeper, he acted a psycho. And WOW! What a psycho! Guys like Jeong Woong In and Jung Bo Suk look like villains. I mean, if I run into them while walking down the street I think the tiny hairs on my arms would stand. But a gorgeous guy Like Song Jong Ho who was a professor in Dr. Frost and a charismatic company man with artistic taste in The Suspicious is just unexpected! We do judge by appearances. We’re humans. Then behind that perfect mask appears the evil smirk and oh my god the sudden cold breeze! He scared the hell out of me in both. Must admit he was terrific!

And then there was The Princess’ Man. I still have to finish this but yeah. I can sacrifice my lifelong friend for a woman I see for the first time. I can be so bad and so evil and I can plot to kill to win her. Why? Because I’m just evil. Damn you!

Uhm Ki Joon



Who loves Uhm Ki Joon? I do; so freaking much. I love him so much I cannot concentrate on his face and voice at the same time! He’s so beautiful, so charismatic  so charming and so talented and can be.. so evil!

Not to go back too far -and I still have to finish this too!- but have you seen him in the disappointing The Man in the Mask? Simple! I’m not a good guy but I’m not bad either. But if I need to I can be the most amoral man out there. Don’t try me!

What is an egocentric capitalist like? That’s what Uhm Ki Joon was in Golden Cross. The world for him was me and everyone else. As long as something benefited him he would stake everything, but he would lose his sanity and the remaining of his humanity when anything stood in his way. Eommaya!

Ghost! Those eyes! That stare! Those parted lips! What was he trying to do there except for making people look behind them to check for ghosts?! I didn’t like the drama much. It was a bit of a letdown. But he wasn’t! He gave it life; or more precisely death! What am I talking about?!

Killer Toon was a psychotic film about a bunch of psychos and he was one of them. He goes crazy at one point and becomes someone else. And at that moment! You know when you get too shocked you start laughing hysterically! That’s what happened to me.

His most astounding devilish performance was in Man of Vendetta. Huh.. huh huh.. What did he eat before playing the role? Because he surely was not in his right mind. A psychopath killer who kidnapped young girls, tortured and killed them. He would keep them for a long time and slowly torment them. Then go and enjoy classical music. Oh, charming!



Lord have mercy! Hallelujah! Please stay away Vick!

You know Vick was his name in Iris, right?!

” I am God!” Does that tell you anything? To defy Lee Byung Hun you need to be born as a bad guy. Well T.O.P did a good job at that. I thought he really impressed as being the devil in human form. I’d love to see him again in such a role.

Commitment announced him as the killer villain but because he had the mindset of non-villain I didn’t enjoy watching him that much. He was a dark criminal all the same though.

My Special Pick:

Yoo Seung Ho



Hhhhhhhhhhh. I’m suddenly laughing.

A child actor hit 18. As he hit 18 he no longer played child version of characters, students or kind boys. Ta da! He was suddenly an assassin. One hot ambitious assassin who buried his humanity for his ambitions. I’m talking about Warrior Baek Dong Soo of course. That long her and the black eyeliner! He’d murder without blinking. Well he did hesitate at the beginning but his ambition took over later. He was so attractively scary. Does this make any sense to you?!

Then as he hit 19 and decided to enlist in the army to the surprise of every one, he chose a role so brilliantly. A role that had him living in the memories of fans for two long years. He needed love. He wanted love. He obsessed about love. It got control of his sanity. Missing You was about Yoo Seung Ho and his mentally disturbed battles. Fascinating how black-hearted he was.

Next week on Friday I’ll see you again with another group of Korean villains. Can’t wait for your comments.



16 thoughts on “Korean Actors Born to Be Villains; Part 1

  1. Terrific picks, every one. Uhm Ki Joon is awesome and would be my #1 on this. The one I hate to hate and want to love! I just desperately want him to be the good guy…he is so darn cute!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I don’t remember him in Scent and haven’t seen the other 2…but they are on my list. So many dramas, so little time…that IS how the saying goes right? Or is it men…not dramas???? 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Bae.Soo.Bin…the man that is born to be villain. His most memorable projects are those where he was the undeniable incarnation of evil. His horrible trick is that he could have been someone else, perhaps a good guy, but noooo…he chose to be a monster. I find him super handsome and super villain in equal proportions and that’s his endless charm. He could lure any girl using his looks into his basement and still be a psychopath ready to commit serial killing. I just love, love him!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh YES!!! 1000% agree with all of that. And this year Namgoong Min surprised us with his turn as a beautiful yet evil serial killer in The Girl Who Sees Scents and Yeon Jung Hoon took my breath away in Mask Both of them gave stand out performances that carried their dramas.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Namgoong Min was the other kind of evil in Dirty Carnival opposite to JIS. He portrayed a rather ambitious man ready to betray his friend in order to gain fame and recognition. He was not spooky but nevertheless scary enough because he was one very flawed human being. I liked him anyway…

        I haven’t seen YJH in a villain’s role before…well, Pampire 1 and 2 don’t count, I guess, LOL!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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