Drama Unrelated: Blazing Fire


Inspired by Jung Dong Ha’s performance of Kim Su Chul’s song Will Love Them All

As Icarus’s wings almost touched the sun, he must have felt his mightinesses. Up there on the threshold of Heaven, the heat would not have mattered. The burning light would not have blinded him. It didn’t matter. There at the brink of apocalypse, Icarus’s eyes lit with indistinguishable light; stronger and brighter than the sun flames. Up where the sun ruled, Icarus floated, because he could. Icarus’s destruction was not the sun’s power, but his own repulsion at living down again.


One thought on “Drama Unrelated: Blazing Fire

  1. I want and MUST HAVE the full version of this! That guitarist is incredible. I have seen him several times before. Kim Tae Won of Boowhal, a legend in his own time.

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