Hwajung/Splendid Politics: episodes 11+12; My Thoughts

”The animal with his claws hidden is the scariest.”


The two episodes brought us some expected events but earlier than we thought. Hwa Yi is found by Joo Won to be a woman. She meets Gwanghae. Gwanghae discovers his secret enemy. And the weaponry bureau falls into grave danger.

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Thanks to the hot In Woo, Joo Won finds Hwa Yi out. She doesn’t even deny. Joo Won’s clumsy reaction, his tries to comprehend the situation, his attempts to treat her like a lady without getting caught, his concern about other people treating her roughly, and that tiny abstruse state of overwrought when it comes to her make Joo Won too adorable to be true. When he shuffled about the place and started reciting quotes after finding out I felt like pinching his cheeks. The kid is so cute.

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Gwanghae is trying to gain political and economical independence from Ming through the weaponry bureau, not sending them soldiers and refusing to bow in the emperor’s birthday. The emperor’s birthday showed Gwanghae’s far-sight and shrewdness. Though his immediate reason of not attending is to establish independence, he’s trying to push the crown prince forward. He doesn’t want his son to be treated like he was.

He’s alienating Lee Lee Cheom for some hidden reasons. I believe Lee Cheom’s over-ambitions is one of them.

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Gwanghae finally -and though early in the drama I think- discovers his secret enemy but instead of falling into the enemy’s trap he drags him to his. Gwanghae forces a confession out of the arrogant Kang Joo Sun; that he ‘raised a tiger cub’ when he thought Gwanghae was a mere puppet.


Gwanghae’s encounter with Hwa Yi is a bit early I think as well -though I don’t know what’s in store-. Though he doesn’t recognise her, he gets that ominous deep feeling that something is wrong somewhere and gets agitated. He actually backs out when she looks at him with hatred and anger in her eyes. I was so nervous at the meeting!!


Then Gwanghae’s child gets in grave danger. The weaponry bureau is Gwanghae’s life. You can see the pain and worry in his eyes when he finds the bureau is in danger. He rushes out to try to save it. All his dreams, plans, and hopes are placed there. The soul he sold to the devil is preserved there. I felt my heart burst as I watched him miserable. Poor Gwanghae 😦


In the two episodes we saw more of In Woo; the conflicted and scarred In Woo. His outer laugh and carelessness typically hides an insecure and guilt-stricken child torn between his evil dad, his own misery, friendship and principles. He hides so many secrets which weigh on his mind and soul. We’ll see what he’ll end up choosing. I hope he follows the example of the character he played in Joseon Gunman -without dying please!-.

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Cha Seung Won continues to amaze. The sad eyes behind the sarcastic smirk and the anger outbursts. Behind the inhumane mask lies the human Gwanghae somewhere. He surfaces when he talks about his people, when he remembers his dreams and strangely whenever he meets Joo Won.

Untitled20150522233944 Untitled20150522233047

Seo Kang Joon is truly impressing me. He’s so immersed in the role I’m so proud of him. As I mentioned he’s confused and concerned because of Hwa Yi. But he, as well, is wavering when it comes to Gwanghae. He’s hated Gwanghae all along and he’s had sufficient reasons to, but he’s seeing another genuine side of Gwanghae and it’s confusing the hell out of him. After Gwanghae gave him the secret book and thanked him for saving the sulfur, his eyes said it all; what kind of person are you for heaven’s sake??

Untitled20150522233030 Untitled20150522232759

Hwa Yi is moving closer to her revenge; to snatch away all Gwanghae’s precious things one by one. Her encounter with him and the glimpse of her mother inflamed her emotions and determination. She’s attracted to Joo Won without realising that. And she gets unjustly accused; again. She’s so pitiful.


Here we have so much rotten politics again; saved fortunately by Gwanghae’s presence. The two episodes tackled more issues; enemies disguised as friends, how to treat a ‘lady’, kowtowing people in power, power and its huge influence on people, women roles and responsibility and the weight of that word.

My favourite moments in the two episodes are those that have the child actress Hyun Seung Min and Jung Woong In. Don’t stare at me. I love seeing him pissed off and I find myself sticking my tongue out. He doesn’t seem like he’ll stand still but I’ll enjoy watching him getting provoked as long as I can.



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