Drama Special: The Bride Who Wore Sneakers ReviewYu

”You get unlucky because you give your turn to others.”


In the due course of one night, two young people meet coincidently and their lives change forever.

An abused theme right?? Fate and whatever. But this drama special and though it presents some Utopian ideas and preaches hope, is well-done and worth the journey.


Park Bo Gyong (Lee Chung Ah) is spotted on a train wearing a wedding dress and red sneakers. The man who notices her is a webtoon cartoonist by the name of Jang Hee Sun (Kim Jin Woo). He gets inspired at the scene and decides to buy her story. Therefore he follows her and for one night they get entangled into each other’s lives.


It’s one hour of comic and serious themes and acting presented simultaneously. You find yourself unable to completely laugh or get absorbed into the sad moment. There’s more fun than serious and you’ll get a good laugh. The acting of the two leads is truly good. This is my first time watching Kim Jin Woo as a cute and kind man and the surprise was pleasant. There’s one shocking turn of events at the end and it’s a good one.

The special tackles notions like fortune, luck, miscommunication in relationships, selfishness, cheating and fate. Will tomorrow be different or any better? Do people change?


”You can’t take care of yourself but you help others that’s why people think you’re easy.”


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