Hwajeong/ Splendid Politics: episodes 9+10; My Thoughts


YES! Manse!! Hurray!! Hallelujah!! The two episodes gave us so much and ended with a cliff hanger. Thank you!

The tension between Gwanghae and Joo Won is getting stronger. Gwanghae doesn’t trust anyone anymore. Joo Won is challenging Gwanghae head-on. In Woo is finally here. And the complete surprise, Ahn Nae Sang has joined the cast!


Gwanghae is following his meticulous plan of trusting no one and only assigning certain missions to everyone around him; allowing them a certain amount of information only. He participates in missions he cannot entrust to anybody. He’s becoming more ruthless and shrewd. His only provoker is Hong Joo Won and for one reason; ”he has Haneum’s face.” Gwanghae’s voice of conscience is back to life in the form of Joo Won.


Though Gwanghae’s screen time has decreased; the intensity did not. Cha Seung Won is still governing the atmosphere. And as I expected, his encounters with Joo Won are heated, breathtaking and loaded. Gwanghae still gives Joo Won political and life tips because he ”likes him”. That scene when Gwanghae tells Joo Won that people live in anger because they take pleasure in feeling the fire in their hearts!! Gwanghae gets agitated and emotional as he tells Joo Won to try not to feel anything at all; to achieve what he wants without doubts, scepticism, or hesitation; ”just like that”. Now that scene was the highlight of the two episodes for me.

Untitled20150515192540 Untitled20150515191607

So I’m loving Hong Joo Won and Seo Kang Joon with all my heart. I honestly was worried about SKJ acting CSW’s rival. But he’s doing such a great job. The range of emotions his eyes display is nothing ordinary; anger, frustration, betrayal and hatred when it comes to Gwanghae and incomprehensible concern when it comes to Hwa Yi. He hides inside a caring and innocent kid who finds himself in the middle of the torrent. Though his goals are clear, he can’t ignore the human voice whispering in his ears, and that’s what makes him different from Gwanghae.


Hwa Yi is finally a step closer to her goals. Her audacity and fearlessness are driving her forward. Sensitive and emotional as she is, she never cowers. She always finds a motive to carry on and there are always people to help her on the journey.

Untitled20150515191633 Untitled20150515190810

Gae Shil is still exerting her influence over Gwanghae’s family affairs. She gives certain herbs to any pregnant concubine to make sure she miscarries. Out of her insane loyalty and love for the king, she’s careful not to allow another war on the throne to happen.

Yi Cheom was fun in the two episodes; strangely. Though he gets blinded by positions, his clever head is still alive. The villain is working behind the scenes and this time unknowingly following Gwanghae’s plan. He’s so spooky. Queen Dowager is surviving for revenge. And yes Ahn Nae Sang is here with what it seems to be an interesting character. We haven’t seem much but I can tell I’ll like him well enough.


And the last scene had In Woo (Han Joo Wan). So the young and carefree boy has grown into a gorgeous and brilliant young man. I found myself shouting and jumping at his satirical tone and sexy voice. Man it’s getting interesting.

P.S How was I supposed to look at the wound when they show us CSW’s gorgous body??? He obviously didn’t work out for the drama but that doesn’t negate the fact that he’s too gorgeous to be true



6 thoughts on “Hwajeong/ Splendid Politics: episodes 9+10; My Thoughts

  1. Love these two episodes& I love reading your impressions -and fangirlin’ over CSW of course XD- but I’m missing some comment about Ja Kyung/Gyung and his coolness in episode 10. I hope that’s not the last we see of him, ’cause I love him XD

    Anyways nice blog, read you next week XD

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  2. That is a real man’s body, Parkchohwa. Not someone in need of a sandwich or three. Although he looks fine fully clothed, I was wondering how they were going to bring this about. Onward and upward from here!

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  3. Yes. These were 2 great episodes. And, much as I love Cha, love his intensity and the back and forth between him and Joo Won, scenes with him are (of necessity I know!) too loaded with court intrigue, and that is one of the problems I have with sageuks. That part of the story, in so many of them, overwhelms the human factor, and because it is always the exact same court intrigue in every single one of them, I’m tired of watching that repeated. The constant backstabbing and viciousness and people getting away with murder, the infighting and jealousies and juggling for position of the secondary characters, exactly the same in every single one… it gets old. I love that this drama seems to be spending as much, if not more, of the time developing characters and story lines that have a more personal nature. It’s what I liked about Maids too. And, because of Cha, the court scenes have so much more punch. You are right, he is really nailing his role in this and looks every inch a powerful king. I’m still not sure about 50 episodes though. It seems like these longer ones beat the same story to death when they are that long. But. Time will tell.

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