Sisterhood and Sunshine awards

My MyDramaList and blog friend hanakimi91 nominated me for the Sisterhood and Sunshine Awards and therefore asked me some questions. I’ll try to answer them. I hope I’ll be fun ^^

1. Which was the first kpop song you heard and why?


My first kpop song was Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry. I got to know the Korean world through a work seonbae who kept bugging me for months to give them a try. She would show me random photos and songs but I didn’t really get into it until she gave me EHB; Exploration of the Human Body; the 2007 variety show. There I fell for Kangin and looked him and the group up and watched Sorry Sorry. You can figure my addiction started from there.


2. If you could play k/j/c/t/t drama, what role would that be? It can be a role that already exists or create your own.


It will be the role of an independent writer facing the world head-on. As for existing roles, I would be Kim Sam Soon, Vivian (A Man Called God), Sulhwa (Chuno), Shin Mi Rae (City Hall), Kim Na Na (City Hunter), SoRan (Fugitive; Plan B), Seo Jin Young (Hotelier), Hwang Ji An (I Do I Do), Shin Joo Yeon (I Need Romance 3), An Yong Yi (Misaeng), Ji Hae Soo (It’s Ok It’s Love), Jamyung (Jamyung Go), Kim Hang Ah (King2Hearts), Seo Joo Young (Medical Top Team), Lee Bom Yi (The Spring Days of My Life), and Eo Soo Eun (You’re All Surrounded).

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But of the characters I have personally identified with the most was Jin Ji Hyun; played by So Yi Hyun in Glowing She. If you add her up to Chae Young Shin; played by Park Min Young in Healer, you’ll get me. Their personalities added up together is mine. The teacher me is none but Jung In Jae played by Jang Na Ra in School 2013.

3. Whose character you hated the most in a drama?


I hated so many I can’t even remember but when I read the question one character crossed my mind; Heo Young Mi’s character in All About Eve. Kim Soo Yeon did a wonderful job at being the bitch who wanted the whole world. She was the best bad girl I’ve ever seen and I needed a long time before I could bring myself to watch her in any other drama. Of course she’s now a favourite actress.

4. Which drama you consider overrated and why?


We have many of course. I’ll mention two first; the infamous Boys Over Flowers and You Who Came from the Stars. I liked both yes. They were cute but they were nothing special. No intriguing story lines, no deep meanings, no scratching your head, no waiting for the next episode. Nothing of the joy of a great drama.


Now the most overrated drama with the most stupid story and acting of the mail leads was The Heirs of course. If it wasn’t for Kim Woo Bin I wouldn’t have finished the 2nd episode. And what? It won the awards of the year. C’mon!

5. If you became a writer, what gender of drama would you write?

I am a writer but writing a drama is different. Mmmm maybe a supernatural historical one. I love those so much.

6. Which is your favourite OST?

This question is like do you like your dad better or you mom better. I can’t really mention one but I do have so many. Shall I be typical and old-fashioned and say Bogoshipta from Stairway to Heaven?!

7. Is there a drama you love for sentimental reasons, but when you think about it you realise it wasn’t a masterpiece?

I’ll have to remember here. A Love to Kill maybe! I was tormented as I watched it thanks to the superb acting of the leads but come to think of it, the story was pretty meh.

8. Which love story you liked the most in a drama or a movie?


It’s Ok It’s Love. Period.

Ja Myung Go‘s love story/stories were so memorable and touching as well.


9. Do you find yourself watching episodes and being more interested in the second leads love line more than the main leads?

Talk of 2nd lead syndrome; ALWAYS! Even when a favourite actor is the lead I would be apologising to him all the time. I’d be: sorry dear but the 2nd lead!!! Second leads love line is more fun, more confusing and more painful; so…

10. Tell me tell me t t t t tell me, it’s a free answer, express whatever you want.

Can’t I just marry Kim Min Jong? Please! Date him?! Just meet him?! PLEASE!!!


And since I’m new to blogging I don’t really know many to recommend so I just won’t kkkk


6 thoughts on “Sisterhood and Sunshine awards

  1. So many roles you would like to play, I only know the character of ” Kill me Heal me”. ” Boys over flowers ” when I watch it now, I understand your opinion but I watched whe I was young while it was airing in South Korea and I’m so in love with this drama because of the memories. ” You who came from the stars ” the most overrated for mr, ” Heirs ” I watched it and it as not something I would drop but yeah not so great to get awards. I haven’t watched anything with Kim Min Jong, but if I happen to meet him, I will definetly introduce him to you. : P

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  2. This was a funny self-interview! The strong women leads you mentioned have sent me scurrying to MyDramaList to check them out.

    P.S. I don’t remember lines from dramas very much but the second best one I’d ever heard came from Heirs – something along the lines of “You, with the eyebrows, put your phone down!” from a teacher to Woo Bin. The first best line came from “Lady &the Liar” – a Chinese drama – “I can’t leave with you – I have to care for my father. And my monkey.”

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  3. I read your article “A Stalker’s Guide to Kang So Ra’s” on MyDramaList and got curious about who this person is that admired Kang So Ra as much as I do. Because, none of my friends who watch j- and kdramas find her as adorable as I do. And like you, I first saw her in We Got Married with Leeteuk – absolutely one of my favorite couples ever!! And after visiting your profile, I ended up on your blog!
    And– Hahaha! I really adore Young Shin from Healer! Making me laugh and cry many times over. Also, I couldn’t agree more about favorite love story. It’s Okay, That’s Love just grabbed my heart, squeezing it so hard, making me cry, feel (way too much), laugh at their funny moments – because they were so precious – and smile at the sight of them together, healing each other, in a way only love and affection can. And about “whose character you hated the most in a drama?”, I would say Choi Yoo Ra from Yellow Boots. When you think she can’t be more twisted, she proves you wrong (in a believable way) showing of how far you can go when you’re desperate, jealous and caught in your own web of lies. Although it’s 108 episodes I can honestly say, it’s totally worth it!
    I especially wanted to say that you have to continue your writing on MDL, as a “trouble-making writer”, because your articles are funny, interesting, inspiring in many ways and makes me notices things I myself never would have. Keep it up!
    // Inori01 (MDL)

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