I Need Romance 3; Review


tvN is the love of my life. One day I’ll make sure to make an unforgettable gift and go visit the channel. Without it my life would never have been the same.


So I was feeling emotionally deprived and needed something to get me out of the mood and I shouted for help. My drama eonnis told me to start this which I immediately did; throwing all my plans aside. I have always wanted to watch it for the cast and tvN and I finally did. And holy grief! That was one hell of a drama.

I loved every single moment of the drama and learned so many things. It’s the kind of works that leave you emotionally and intellectually fulfilled.

I’ll be discussing couples’ stories and the characters through them.

Shin Joo Yeon & Joo Wan


This is the main love story and the most adorable. Joo Yeon (Kim So Yeon) is 6 years older than Wan(Sung Joon) and she took care of him as a child. Joo Wan emigrates to the U.S but promises to come back. He goes through tough and lonely teenage years. In that lonely time he determines to go back to the girl who taught him all the beautiful things about life. His love for her and up till the moment he meets her again has been the love of a child to a teacher and a sister. When he goes back and witnesses a dramatic change in the woman he loves, he receives a mortal shock. Joo Yeon no longer is the sweet and optimist girl. She has become a mean, cold and workaholic woman. Unable to believe what he saw, Wan follows her and in one moment of truth, he falls for her all over again, as a woman.

I_Need_Romance_3-0002 ropil16-00438

Shin Joo Yeon and after so many heartbreaks turned into a machine that only knows how to work. Even when she dates, she doesn’t give her heart away. Or more precisely, she can’t figure out her own feelings. She doesn’t have friends because of one traumatic experience turned friendship for her into an empty word. She has feelings for someone but she doesn’t even know that. Her team members care about her but she only treats them as coworkers. She’s built a fence around her and never allows anyone in. Until Wan, the sweet potato, comes back.


Wan is a romanticist believing in eternal love and complete relationships. He’s a freelancer musician following his plan for life. He follows his heart and never calculates. He’s the sweetest, most caring and most loving boyfriend and friend ever. At the beginning he tries to change Joo Yeon back to who she used to be. But when he decides to accept her as she is, she changes on her own. His unconditional but human love for her is indescribable. Even when he opens her eyes to her own feelings and pushes her to follow them, he never backs off. He stays next to her giving her his all and always reminding her of his love. When she falls for him he doesn’t simply throw himself at her feet since he has been waiting forever for that moments, but demands an equal love in the most profound and striking way; making my heart melt.

ropil16-00480 ropil16-00490a

Joo Yeon falls for Wan before knowing who he is. But once she does she convinces herself that Wan for her is only the sweet potato she used to carry as a child. Therefore she becomes comfortable with him and skinship becomes most natural. She figures really late that Wan for her is the real love she stopped believing in long ago.

Aw_Man bb8c

Their moments together, real and imaginary are of the most stunning romantic scenes I’ve ever seen. I will remember them for a long time.

ropil16-00256 ropil16-00249

Of course I didn’t mention the actors since their acting was so perfect you cannot separate them from the characters. The chemistry was insane and I wonder if they actually fell in love in real life.


P.S The imaginary scenes were better than the real ones 😉

Shin Joo Yeon & Kang Tae Yeon

feat6-600x400 Untitled20150430204558

Kang Tae Yeon (Nam Goong Min) is the competent and strict boss of Joo Yeon. He’s been her boss for 9 years and after he gave her hell at the beginning to train her properly then they developed a sweet and trusting relationship. Joo Yeon starts liking him in her heart of hearts but never finds that out before Wan tells her. She looks up to Tae Yeon, respects and fears him.


Tae Yeon has always liked Joo Yeon for her tough personality and abilities. Once she confesses her love for him he finds the other hidden feelings. Not crazily in love, Tae Yeon tries to build a stable relationship with Joo Yeon. Joo Yeon realises that is not what she wants.


I like that there was no extreme reactions or emotional breakdowns in this relationship. Their seonbae-hoobae relationship was one of the sweetest in the drama.

Kang Tae Yeon & Oh Se Ryung


Before Tae Yeon starts a relationship with Joo Yeon or in other words the reason why Tae Yeon starts that relationship is his heartbreak of the love story of his life with Oh Se Ryung (Wang Ji Won). Tae Yeon couldn’t handle a carefree woman with lots of rumors around her like Se Ryung. Se Ryung is a talented style director with a great sense of pride. She never explains herself to others which leads to many malicious rumors. Though she is not that innocent, she is not as bad as the rumors state. On the contrary, she has a soft side to her and her love for Tae Yeon has always been sincere. No matter how he pushes her away, she believes he’ll eventually go back to her.

At the beginning I hated her but then I started sympathising with her. She was so strong, so capable and so charismatic.

Oh Se Ryung & Joo Wan

i-need-romance-3-2 i-need-romance-3-sung-joon-and-wang-ji-won-e1395114666518

These two met in a project and became best friends. No matter how intimate they are they never interfere in each other’s life or judge one another based on their relationships with others. Se Ryung was the enemy of Joo Yeon but that never affected her relationship with Wan knowing Wan loved Joo Yeon. Wan as well never forced his opinion on Se Ryung for the sake of his love. He actually tried to help the two women he cared about without taking sides. Their friendship is my perfect definition of friendship between men and women.

Oh Se Ryung & Shin Joo Yeon


The two were best friends in high school and they explored the world together. Until Se Ryung, who never failed to get whatever she craved, stole Joo Yeon’s boyfriend. Joo Yeon never asked for explanation or even fight. She held a grudge for a long time and when she met Se Ryung after 10 years she vented her hatred in so many ways. The two girls become sworn enemies trying to step on each other. After a long fight and when all the reasons of quarrel disappeared, the two friends reconciled, like nothing ever happened.

Their intense fights were so interesting. And as men claim that women would never understand their physical fights, men would never understand the enmity which develops after a strong friendship between two women.

Lee Won Young & Jung Hee Jae

I_Need_Romance_3-0006 1392174541-I_Need_Romance_season3_10_590x330

As the two young people work in an office together and as they spend more time with each other, feelings are bound to be develop. When Hee Jae (Yoon Seung Ha) can’t take her relationship with her boyfriend (Jung Woo Shik) anymore, she lets Won Young (Park Yoo Hwan) in. A sweet relationship starts and optimist Won Young helps Hee Jae find herself and her dreams and change her attitude on life. That help backfires on him as Hee Jae decides to quit the company and travel alone to find her self and dreams.

Park Yoo Hwan; Yoochun’s younger brother is in real life 8 years younger than Yoon Seung Ha, but strangely enough they looked the same age.

Lee Min Jung & Ahn Min Suk


Lee Min Jung (Park Hyo Joo; my love) is in her mid-thirties and she stopped believing in love and relationships long ago. She goes for one night stands and chooses her partners carefully. She never gives her real name or age. When her relationship with Ahn Min Suk (Yu Ha Jun) starts, things differ. He moves in next to her apartment and he starts genuinely liking her. At the same time she gets pregnant. Struggling between being a single mother and the possibility of its being her last pregnancy, Min Jung feels lost. Clumsy and coward Min Suk proves a responsible man after all. Though Min Jung never pressures him, Min Suk starts acting a dependable and loving father and partner.

Shin Joo Yeon and the team members; Lee Won Young, Jung Hee Jae and Lee Min Jung


Joo Yeon has always believed that personal issues and emotions should not be dragged into the workplace. That’s why she scolds the newbie Hee Jae when she cries and refuses to call Min Jung who’s older than her eonni or seonbae or even listen to her when she has trouble. But as Wan enters her life, Joo Yeon changes and she starts seeing the members as human beings not as machines. Then the team becomes the most beautiful one.


The drama is laden with realistic thoughts and experiences of love and relationships. We all dream of that true love even when we believe deep down that it doesn’t exist. Everyone’s definition and way of love is different. Everyone handles their emotions and relationships differently. What causes us pain? The world, youth or ourselves? In this busy world, will we ever be able to find who we really are and what we truly want?! How much is our reality realistic? Is it not another imaginary falsity we drew and believed?! When we know before we start that feelings would eventually change, why do we start?! When we know beforehand that loneliness is more comfortable, why do we welcome trouble with open arms?! What is it in relationships that makes us so, dumb and foolish?!



4 thoughts on “I Need Romance 3; Review

  1. This is one of my favorite shows to watch when I’ve been having a hard day. While the actors are much better looking than in real life (at least, my life!), their problems and reactions are very truthful. And who doesn’t want a Sweet Potato in their life?

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