Korean Actresses Who Rub Me Up the Wrong Way

Now this is going to be a long list. Strangely there are more actresses who drive you round the bend than actors. And I really wonder why! I’m going to post the actresses I’d avoid as the plague. Like I’d never ever watch them if I can help it!

Oh how hateful! The mere fact that I’m writing about them and googling their photos is giving me the creeps!

Im Yoon Ah


Oh goosebumps!

I never liked this girl even before I watched anything by her. The first time I saw her was in Super Junior’s MV U and before having any idea who she was I had that ominous feeling about her. Afterwards and when I knew she was an SNSD member I simply hated the whole group and never tried to have anything to do with them -which changed thanks to Sooyoung-. But then she starred in Cinderella’s Man and with Kwon Sang Woo. KWS was my first favourite actor. He starred in my first Korean film and drama and I LOVE HIM. So despite my disgust I started the drama. But I couldn’t finish it. I just couldn’t. No acting skills whatsoever. Stupid expressions and gestures. Annoying voice. And that sinister aura around her. Oh god I don’t even want to remember. Ever since, and no matter how awesome the cast is or how genuine the plot; I’d never EVER watch anything she’s in. Be what it may!

Nam Sang Mi


Good grief! What on earth does this woman try to do? I mean, is she sure she’s an actress? Not one of the staff? Not a stylist for example? An actress, like someone who acts? Seriously!!!

I saw her first in Bad Family. That drama left no impression on me whatsoever. It was one of my very first dramas so I could barely follow along. Then I watched her in Kim Sun Ah’s She’s on Duty and I remember hating her for some mysterious reason. But the big blow was Joseon Gunman. Poor uri oppa Lee Jun Ki. If she wasn’t there and he’d have to imagine a woman and talk to her, it would have been better. She drove me insane throughout. She ruined a drama with a brilliant plot and an awesome cast. After the drama, I removed all the works she was in off my list. When I remember the torture I went through watching her! She isn’t even beautiful! What’s wrong with people?!

Kim Yoo Ri


The way she looks is annoying. The way she talks is annoying. The way she moves her head or stares is annoying. The way she cries or screams is annoying. SHE IS ANNOYING.

When I first saw her in The Master’s Sun I felt she’d be a pain in the neck but I saw her in Kill Me Heal Me I became sure. She was born to act the annoying bitch. I can’t imagine her acting any other roles and I’m not ready to accept her even. I think if I run into her in the street a rush of coldness would run through me.. Awwiee!!

Baek Jin Hee


This girl is beautiful. When I first lay eyes on her I thought so and I still think so. As I started watching her in Pride and Prejudice I thought it was the role. I kept telling myself; ”It’s not her it’s the role. Let’s give her a chance.” But when I started Triangle I knew it was not the role, but her. If she left no impression that’d would be ok. But to leave that I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing-here-but-I’ll-haunt-your-dreams impression is really not the best thing. I might give her another chance; ten years from now!

Cha Ye Ryeon


The only thing this girl is confident about is her body. All her roles are about an almost-nude bitch ruining lives. She acts it so naturally. It’s not because of the roles. Some actresses play bitches always but you cannot help but respect their talent. This girl has one talent; throwing herself at men. Watching her is repulsive. I hate it when she’s in a drama. I hate her face and her voice. I hate that fake smile and I hate that stare. She’s a bundle of hateful things. Oh my!

Be it Bad Love where she rubbed salt into Kwon Sang Woo’s wounds so coldly it scared the hell out of me,  My Lovely Girl which I dropped -and she was a main reason for that-, or Dr. Champ where she ruined a man’s life then came back crying and gained forgiveness. She’s just better avoided!

Chae Jung Ahn


From the very first time I saw her in Hello! School Girl I knew she’d be on my blacklist. Apart from her no-no acting, she always gives a sinking feeling. She makes me want to hate her.

In all that I watched by her, she was not a complete bitch. But still. In Coffee Prince and Cain and Abel, she was the only bad thing about the dramas. She co-starred with geniuses and ruined it all. She’d ruin the atmosphere so skillfully. Even in A New Leaf -which was a great letdown for me-, she was better off not there. Who casts her for god’s sake?! Don’t they feel something hollow around her? I feel it even behind the screen!

Choi Soo Rin


I needed only one work to disqualify her; High School Love On. With that voice of hers I don’t think I’ll be able to tolerate her again. Despite the mean and heartless role she played, she did look and sound heartless. Like that classmate you had in high school who’d always tattle on you then act indifferent. She has a long list of works and I don’t know if I’ll be able to manage avoiding her but I’ll try my best. I need my mental health; you know!



I haven’t watched anything significant  by this girl. Her role in Five Senses of Eros was small and I’m still at episode 3 of Emergency Couple. But it was before all that that she started giving me the creeps. I’d randomly read an article about her and all those scandals and I’d be like, what’s wrong with the girl?! Not like I judged her based on the rumors, It’s just something about her that makes them so believable and her so appalling. I will finish EC for Jin Hyuk but I’m not sure I’ll be able to manage any other work she’s in.

Somebody slap her on the face for me please!

Jung Yu Mi


For this girl as well I needed only one work to cross her out. I don’t think it’s a skills problem.. How do I put it?! Is it her look? Her lips and the way she moves them? Or the look in her eyes? Anyhow I couldn’t stand her guts in Discovery of Romance and decided after the first episode not to try to watch her again, unless there’s a really good reason to. I think I’d grit my teeth and watch her if the work is really impressive.

Kim Gyu Ri


I watched her first in Loveholic loooooooooooong ago I recollect nothing about the drama except for the ending. But when I watched her in The King’s Face I realised why she was receiving so much hatred. I can’t pinpoint anything I hate. I just hate everything. Don’t know if I’ll ever give her another chance -maybe Portrait of a Beauty for Kim Nam Gil- but I don’t think I’ll voluntarily start anything she’s in; when I’m in my right mind that is.

Ah and her laughter! Like ghosts’ sounds in an abandoned mansion!

Park Ha Sun


When it comes to this actress at least, I know I’ll be hearing many objections. She’s really good, I admit. But that doesn’t negate the fact that she drives me nuts. I watched her in Two Weeks first and because I loved the drama as a whole and despite my utter rejection of her I decided to give her another chance. I watched Temptation for the 3 other leads and I vowed not to let her ruin it for me. Well she did. Temptation was one of the least dramas I enjoyed and I literally forced myself to sit down and go through each episode and that was because of her. Everything else was fine.

Well, since she’s a good actress she might star in some big projects but if it wasn’t a hit, I wouldn’t start it as long as she’s there.

Park Eun Bin


It’s mostly her voice. I never think of reasons why I dislike somebody but I think it’s her voice that cheeses me up the most. Operation Proposal would have been a failure anyway but would have been a little better if it wasn’t for her. And I was so glad she didn’t have much screen time in Secret Door, I would have lost my mind otherwise.

I wish and pray she never co-stars with actors like Yoo Seung Ho and Lee Je Hoon again. I want to watch their dramas please!

Jin Se Yeon

jin_se_yeon I needed two episodes of Doctor Stranger to blacklist this girl. She’s fake, her smile, the look in her eyes, her expressions and her gestures. Her voice is so provoking and her tone is maddening. She’s someone I wouldn’t give another chance to. Zero acting skills and zero charms. NEVER AGAIN!

Yoon Seung Ah


Unlike all the ”actresses” I mentioned, I like this girl personally. She’s pretty, cute and lovely. I love watching her in varieties but not in dramas. The reason I avoid her is her lack of acting skills. She’s so one-dimensional it’s insane. I only watched Panda and Hedgehog by her -since I dropped Playful Kiss– but that was enough for me to delete her from my actresses list. Maybe I’m doing her injustice and I know I’ll give her another chance because I like her- like I always do with the talentless Shin Se Kyung-. I really hope it’s my misjudgment.

That’s it for the actresses version. Do you have any other who pisses you off? Or do you like any of the ones I dislike? Please share your thoughts.


23 thoughts on “Korean Actresses Who Rub Me Up the Wrong Way

  1. I feel really bad that I agree with too many of these and want to add MORE…Ku Hye Sun, Shin Se Kyung (though she is doing well in Sensory Couple!—finally), and Lee Ji Ah. There are some that irritate me and I know it is because of the parts they play. I feel shallow and immature because that is NOT a reason to not like the actress…just because they always play bitches. But there it is. I am unforgivable! Giving myself a break, I do believe I dislike most of them because they are just BAD actresses. Very wooden and stiff and expressionless and all that. I got to thinking about this some time ago, why there are SO MANY female Korean actresses I dislike compared to the male, and, to be fair, I do think the Korean film/drama industry bears some responsibility for this. And us for liking how pretty our guys are too! But, it is also true that the industry and the writers and directors do not allow their actresses to act, to be strong, viable people. They give them stupid boring parts that exist for the sole reason of reacting to the man, rather than acting. It is so rare to see a drama where the female lead is powerful…we know them instantly when we see them. So0 Ae for sure. Gong Hyo Jin, Shin Min-a, Eun Yoon Hye, Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Sun-a. But for Soo Ae (of those I’ve seen anyway-she hasn’t missed one), all of these actresses have had their iffy shows too. But, for the most part, they, and a few other actresses I’m sure can’t recall now, are usually very careful of the roles they select. I like to think if they have a stinker, it’s because they either took it because they needed the funds, or the writer and director crapped out on them! Anyway. Good discussion topic! I’m sure we could continue to add and add and add to this list!

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  2. Wow, hahhaha I agree with so many of these! Especially Jin Se Yeon, I can’t stand her guts. She is always dying in the drama anyways….just wish she would disappear earlier in the dramas or not come back!

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  3. I agree with Jung Yu mi been on your list , I think what annoys viewers is the mixture of her eyes and whiny voice , this really irritated me in I need romance 2.
    Ku hye sun the mistress of the art called overacting should be on this list as well as Shin Se Kyung she has the personality of a cardboard paper, I just want to smack a load of personality into her .
    Sometimes Kdrama casting directors forgo the acting talent for a pretty face.

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    1. i agree that both KHS and SSK can’t act; but there’s that small mysterious part of me which keeps giving them chances.. my intro to them was not normal that’s why


  4. Grrrr Jin Se Yeon! The very first actress in my black list! XD I’ve watched many dramas with her (not on purpose, she just happened to have played with actors I like unfortunately) and I still can’t get use to her play. She seems so fake and has chemistry with no one! (even Lee Jong Seok who until now has always made me believe in his romance). She ruined sooooo many drama *goosebumps*. I just…I just can’t bear her^^
    I don’t know all the actresses you mentioned so I can’t really judge them but for some others I agree 🙂 (especially Baek Ji Yeon> I have a hard time with her husky voice haha/ Yoona> overall I don’t really like seeing idols in drama. I’m therefore even more severe with them and Yoona is just a no no for me). I try to give to everyone at least 2 or 3 chances to prove themselves (for now I’m thinking about giving another chance to Shin Se Yeon which I really really dislike in Blade Man- well for her defense the whole drama was catastrophic^^). The funny thing is that I can easily draw a list of the actresses I don’t like but not really of the actors. I’m sure I could but…that would be harder. I don’t really like that thought. I should be more partial^^

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  5. you are just a jealous freak.sure Jin se yeon is not a great actress but zero charms?seriously?she is one of the most beautiful Korean and very cute even I’m Yoona


    1. why would I be jealous? I mean, I’m not in the same field. We don’t share anything. I’m a successful woman. Why on earth would I be jealous? And I did stress the point that it’s all personal opinion. You can find her a great actress. That’s up to you. I’m free to have my opinion as well. Plus, this is a personal blog, dear reader.


  6. Aww… I’m sad you guys don’t like Jin Se Yeon. Actually, she’s my fave. The only fave celebrity I have locally and internationally, honestly.

    Anyway. I don’t blame you, guys. 🙂 We can all like and dislike certain people because we have different perspectives and tastes, so I respect your post. 🙂

    For my part, the actresses I don’t like would be Park Shin Hye and that actress who played Geum Jan Di in Boys over Flowers. Just my two cent, folks. :))


    1. Wow, i fell the same. I like Jin Se Yeon (especially in Flower in Prison), and cannot stand Park Shin Hye to the point i won’t watch any drama where she plays main character.

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      1. OMGosh, I feel so relieved hearing that. Haha. I thought I was the only one. Between Se Yeon and Shin Hye, I’d watch Se Yeon any time, ’cause for me she emotes more and has more acting range. Shin Hye is just really popular, but her roles so far hadn’t much depth, in contrast to the roles Se Yeon has played in the past.

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  7. Haha! I like this post and I agree with a lot of things on the list especially about Im Yoona. I wanted so badly to watch The K2 because Ji Chang Wook rarely does Kdrama these days and she had to be cast. The writing wasn’t that good either but Song Yoon A and the rest made it work except for her. I’m still sad about not watching a Chang Wook drama because of her.

    And I felt the same way with SNSD because of her. Haha! 😂

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      1. I find Yoona bearable. She’s not a great actress (like my fave Se Yeon), but she (just like Park Shin Hye) has a really huge fan base. So I think that’s her (their) saving grace. Which is sad, really, ’cause there are a lot of other actresses out there who can act like nobody’s business.

        Sometime showbiz is really not just about talent, but popularity as well. And this could put things out of balance.

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      2. I watched Yoona first in Cinderella’s Man with two of my all time favourite actors and she totally ruined it for me I couldn’t watch her afterwards. Se Yeon was bearable in Five Fingers but in other dramas she killed me.. sorry ><

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      3. Hahaha… That’s alright. We all have our own preferences. As long as we don’t needlessly criticize these actresses/actors, wishing them ill and stuff, then we’re all good. After all, there’s more to life than acting on screen and TV dramas, right?

        We can continue supporting our biases and that’s all fine.

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