Korean Actors Who Rub Me Up the Wrong Way

Everyone of us drama addicts has a bunch of actors they don’t like regardless of their talents or looks. Something about them just gives you goosebumps and you cannot analyze your utter dislike. You get annoyed and you feel personally attacked if they co-act with a cast you like or star in a drama with a striking plot. Well, I have my list. This list has nothing to do with their acting talents at all. It’s completely personal so I hope no body gets offended.

Lee Min Ho


I know how popular this guys is and I know that some people would find what I’m going to say blasphemous but I really tried. Maybe it was the first impression! I don’t know but the more I watch by this guy, the more I dislike him. There’s something about him that really  drives me up the wall.

Typically and expectedly, my first drama by him was Boys Over Flowers; and how I hated the guy! His ugly hairstyle, stupid outfits added to the most ridiculous and childish character EVER! I have no idea what the two girls saw in him to fight over . And I have not the slightest clue why girls all over the world went crazy over him after that.

For Personal Taste, well, I really did not care much. The whole drama was a letdown. I don’t know why and how I finished it. That added to my dislike.

I did start Mackerel Run at one point and couldn’t even finish an episode.

Faith and City Hunter were better and I did tolerate him in both, but that was because of the characters. Both the characters of Lee Yoon Sung and General Choi Young were completely irresistible to me. I’m sure if anybody acted the role I would have tolerated him all the same.

Then he went back to square one with Heirs; which mysteriously enough for me was a world sensation -WHY ON EARTH? WHAT FOR?- Anyhow I finished the drama for Woo Bin because if he was not there, I would not have made it through episode two. Lee Min Ho did a great job at sending me back to my BOF’s feels!

With due respect to all LMH’s fans all over the world, you can have him girls!

Lee Seung Gi


I don’t know what my problem with this guy is. I know he’s talented. I’m not blind not to notice that. His voice when singing is overwhelming. But he just turns my stomach. I find myself watching his works whenever he has one because I know it’d be a great drama but I find myself after a quarter of an hour biting my nails waiting for other actors to appear on screen. It’s confusing to me as well. Maybe we were enemies in our past lives! Or maybe it’s his roles as a rude cold jerk always pushing women about and giving hell to everyone around him! It beats me!

So I watched and HATED him in Shining Inheritance– what beats me is the fact that Han Hyo Joo actually chose him over Bae Soo Bin who played one of the kindest and most adorable characters ever!. I loved King2Hearts and wished he’d fall out of some cliff and disappear after all he had done to my lovely Han Ji Won. He was really good in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Gu Family Book and You’re All Surrounded. I didn’t hate him as intensely, but still!

I apologise dear fans; it’s just me.

Choi Min Ho


Since my Korean journey started with Super Junior, it was normal that I would be interested in SM’s other groups and that was how I got to know SHINee. SHINee is a group like a spring breeze. It doesn’t leave a deep effect but it helps me relax and cheer up. I like the band and all the members. But since the very first MV, there was something about Min Ho that pushed me away. And whenever I watched variety shows -for SuJu members again- and he’d be there, he’d stick in my throat.

Then that complicated moment came when he acted in Medical Top Team which I was going to watch no matter what. He wasn’t bad, but got on my nerves all the same. In To the Beautiful You his character was too spoilt for me. I didn’t like the drama much and he played a large role in that. I watched Pianist and even if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have liked it anyway.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to watch him neutrally.

7545913415 Ahn-Suk-Hwan-as-Yong-Dong-Manlatest


There are four veteran actors I cannot stand as well and they’re crazily everywhere.. As if they’re doing it intentionally. They’re Uhm Hyo SeopAhn Suk Hwan,Lee Duk Hwa and Kim Kap Su. Their voices, faces, gestures and roles no matter what they are drive me always insane . But I know that if I don’t watch a drama just because they’re there, I won’t be watching any. They always cheese me off but I’m going to mention the dramas where they literally put me out.

Uhm Hyo Seop is a really good actor and that makes it worse. Out of the multiple roles I watched him playing, he was the best at driving me crazy in Big Man as the psycho father and in Queen Seon Duk with his squeaky laughter and what he did to Bidam.. How I hated his guts!

Ahn Suk Hwan is just annoying for always being everywhere acting almost the same role. I hated him the most in Joseon Gunman; acting another hateful father!

Lee Duk Hwa is the most awful of all for me. His voice makes my body itch; literally. He’s always a devil. But what he did in Hotel King exceeded all my thought on evil. He got me sick to my stomach throughout. Oh the chills!

I don’t know what’s with the beast father role but Kim Kap Su as well had his share. In Blade Man and Marriage not Dating he gave me many sufficient reasons to murder him. Have no idea how his sons didn’t!

Again I’d like to emphasise that this article expresses only my personal opinion and feelings. Wonder who are the actors who get in your hair the most?!

Next time I’ll be mentioning the actresses and it’ll be a much longer list; unfortunately!


13 thoughts on “Korean Actors Who Rub Me Up the Wrong Way

  1. lmao. The older guys, I’m there with you. For me, they are all one trick ponies. They have their character down and they play that same character no matter the show,era, clothing, whatever. To be fair, not every single time, but enough to drive me nuts. Particularly Ahn Suk Hwan and Lee Duk Hwa. But to be fair also, in particular if it is a sageuk, all the bad guys in sageuk are played by them and all the bad guys in all the sageuks do the same things all the time in every single one. So they barely have to memorize any new lines since they are playing the exact same character doing the exact same thing in every single one of them!

    Poor Lee Min Ho. I don’t know what it is about him, but I am so hoping Gangnam Blues will finally break him out of the teen mold he/his handlers have sewn him into. Honest to God I do believe there is an actor in there….somewhere! Heirs was a travesty. About as ridiculous and juvenile a show as has ever been put on Kdrama. The entire premise just embarrassingly childish. He should never have done it as it was written.

    I like Lee Seung Gi, though, honestly, I saw 2 of his shows long long ago, Brilliant Legacy and Gumiho Girlfriend and thought his acting was not good…but, in all fairness, he had just started. Then came King2Hearts and wow what a difference. I loved him in it and loved the show even if the writing and story was not the best. So many fine performances in that…Cho Jung-Seok and Youn Yuh-Jung ripped my heart out. Cried buckets. I liked him also in Surrounded. Liked the more mature look and feel of him. There were hints of that in the little I saw of him in Gu….one day I should try that one again I guess and see if I can finish it.

    I know nothing about Min Ho and he only has 3 small performances listed so really can’t judge. Don’t remember him in MTT. He has a sweet face! That’s about all I can say.

    I can’t think of any actors out there I can say I would absolutely not watch a drama if they were in it. However, there are plenty where I will drop the drama if they are in it and ruining it for me or fast forward through all their scenes (Shine or Go Crazy and Lee Duk Hwa!) But there are far more females I will do that for than males…but more on that in your next article!

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  2. While I don’t mind the veteran actors since they are just there in the dramas, not a lead role which is fine. However, my god do I hate Lee Min Ho. I really can’t stand his acting and I am not sure why he is so popular….just because BOF and his looks?!

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      1. i’m so with you. he really makes me grit my teeth if i decide to crawl into a drama bc i like the plot/other actors(actresses), but he is in it

        please don’t hate me (phoenix) if you feel differently…but i lump Kim Soo-Hyun here too…although he is a better actor…I really don’t understand the popularity. I liked My Love From Another Star tho (but not bc of him)

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  3. Sometimes we just like to hate whoever is popular. Hate seems strong though, so I’d rather say I’m put off or irritated. I also don’t know why Lee Min Ho is so popular, but I have no ill feelings towards him. I watched City Hunter before BOF and I liked him in City Hunter, so I guess I was able to tolerate him in BOF. I agree that Heirs was a let-down.

    I haven’t watched Shining Inheritance, but I really like Lee Seung Gi. I watched everything else you mentioned and I thought he was excellent! He excels in everything he does and he’s just a genuinely good guy.

    Can’t comment on Choi Min Ho as I have not seen any of his dramas…only in different variety shows. He seems like a pretty goofy and fun guy.

    I totally get you with those older veteran actors though. Ahn Suk Hwan always drives me insane in those sageuks and Lee Duk Hwa in Hotel King…arrrrrrrggggghhhh!! That’s what make them great actors I guess haha

    For me, Lee Jong-suk would be on my list of actors who irritate me. I also don’t get his popularity. I don’t think his acting is particularly good (but I wouldn’t know since I don’t know enough Korean) and I don’t find him good-looking at all. On my list for the same reasons would also be Ahn Jae-Hyeon, who is rising in popularity these days.

    I guess we all have our own preferences and aversions, so I wouldn’t have any ill-feelings towards those who don’t like what I like. 🙂

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  4. Ah I see you also made the male version! I’m glad to see that :p And I agree with all the ones you said! Like I said in the female version that would have probably taken more time to find them but eventually I think I would have came up with the same list 🙂 That’s funny how my taste change. A few years ago I would have never thought I would have put Lee Min Ho in my black list but since then I’ve discovered much better and I’m kind of tired to see everyone praising him whereas there are other really good actors that deserve to be as much praised^^

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  5. You have no idea how much of a relief it is to finally find someone else who feels the same way I do about Lee Min Ho. I actually liked City Hunter – he didn’t ruin it for me, although I didn’t think he really raised up the drama – but that was the only one of his works that I felt that way about.

    It is frustrating because he is SO POPULAR globally, without a doubt the most successful kdrama male actor, and yet I don’t find his acting is deserving of his fame.

    I think it’s a mix of the roles he takes on and his actual acting ability. His characters tend to be somewhat immature alpha males, and yet he doesn’t have the gravitas to pull them off. For example, in The Legend of the Blue Sea he played a con man. We were supposed to find this character attractive in a ‘bad boy’ kind of way, but I only found him somewhat smarmy and unlikable. He plays his characters so straight down the middle that any layers or nuances they could have had just get fused together into a gross mess, until the entire character is painted in the same plain colour.

    Besides this, I just find that there are so many other actors with more talent than Lee Min Ho, and it really bothers me that they have been over-shadowed by him. For example, the dramas ‘Healer’ and ‘City Hunter’ are both about revenge with a main character that has a secret identity (vigilante etc.). However, I found that Ji Chang-wook’s performance was infinitely more moving, complex, touching, tender, vulnerable, fierce and surprising than Lee Min-ho’s. Lee Min-ho played it the way I expected it to be played, with simple emotions: he’s sad, he’s mad, he’s jealous, he’s frustrated, he’s happy. Ji Chang-wook painted with a broad and refined palate of feelings that made me fall in love with him, laugh, cry and scream in frustration. I know it’s not always fair to compare performances and actors, but I watched these shows back to back and found the contrast really powerful.

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