Would You Date a Supernatural Being, IF……. (Female Version)

What’s more intriguing than a gorgeous woman with the airs of an angel?! That has always been the dream of so many people. But does it really have to be an angel? Can’t other supernatural beings do?!

Beautiful and Nagging Ghost


What if an extremely beautiful female ghost sticks to you asking you to relieve her grudge?! The ghost wants to rise to heaven but can’t because of the grudge and you’re the only one who can help. But the ghost is beautiful, kind, caring and a BIT forward.. Can you really manage your heart not to fall for her? And if you did, how would you handle the complicated situation?!

(Arang and the Magistrate/ Shin Min Ah: Arang)

Beauteous and Innocent Mermaid 


One young curvaceous woman enters your life; or more precisely invades it. She has no concept of hesitation or pre-thinking. She throws herself mind and soul into everything she likes. She has the most charming and bright smile. She’s caring and helpful. That very woman turns out to be a mermaid who might turn into bubbles and vanish at any moment. Would you let your heart get captured? And if you did, how would you live with your worries and fears?

(Surplus Princess/ Jo Bo Ah: Kim Ha Ni)

Fair and Angelic Ghost; with D.I.D!


There’s this ghost you get to know. She’s cute and innocent. You can’t help getting close to her. You can’t help trying to help her. And you can’t help developing feelings for her. The fact that she’s a ghost might not bother you. But what if you add the fact that she has a multiple personality disorder and that there’s another part of her which murders?! Would you fold up your feelings? Would you help her relieve her grudge? Or would you choose what’s best for her and for everyone, even if it means being left alone?

(The Girl’s Ghost Story/ Kim So Eun: Girl Ghost)

Enchanting and Naive Gumiho


A magnetic woman enchants you at first glance. You can’t take your eyes off her beauty. She has the sweetest smile and the most innocent eyes. Just if she was a angel losing its way back to heaven. But instead of an angel she turns out to be a nine-tailed Gumiho who’s lived for a thousand years. Would you resist her? Suppress your feelings? Ignore your heart’s voice? And for how long? Can you accept her even if you admit falling for her; knowing she’ll never age or die? What if she loses her tails and disappear?

(My Girlfriend is a Gumiho/ Shin Min Ha: Gumiho)

For which of these mesmerising beings would you surrender your heart away? Do you have others?


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