Would You Date a Supernatural Being, if …… ? (Male Version)

I’ve been into mythology and the supernatural forever. I always expect someone to pop out in my life and tell me they’re some kind of vampires or they’ve come from another planet. I can imagine myself replying: ”Oh! Where have you been all my life?!” I believe drama and novel fans can relate. You read and watch a lot about the theme it becomes the most natural thing. So, and since I actually and firmly believe that ”supernatural” beings are the most natural beings ever, would you date a supernatural being if they were like these examples? !

Innocent and Wild Werewolf

a-werewolf-boy What if you find yourself one day stuck with an adorable and strikingly good looking wild werewolf coming out of the wild and having no ability to talk or act ‘civilized’? Would you shun him and throw him out of doors or would his innocence, looks and hidden charms entice you to embrace him? Would you consider a serious relationship with him or would your ”civilisation” and sense of superiority make you leave him behind?

 (A Werewolf Boy/ Sung Joon Ki)

Hot and Caring Gumiho turning into a Dangerous and Charismatic Monster choijinhyuk-7 You’re facing the worst trial of your life. You’re being dragged into ultimate hell when a hot, strong and caring man delivers you out of that hell and into a flowery and shiny new world. But one day you realise that he is not a typical human lover. Would you accept him as he is and try to understand him? Or would you abandon him to your fears and turn him into a bloodthirsty monster? What if you meet the monster him? Would you abandon him again or try to see what you hadn’t seen before?!

(Gu Family Book/ Choi Jin Hyuk: Wol Ryong) 

Attractive and Intellectual Half/Daemon  gumiho02-00254 You have a pet, or you’re simply walking in the neighbourhood and there’s that dishy vet throwing you the most amiable smiles. The hottie turns out to be half human and half daemon. Would you still see him knowing that he might prove dangerous? What if you had known him in your previous lives? What would matter to you? Especially if he’s a talented and gorgeous singer!

(My Girlfriend is a Gumiho/ No Min Woo: Park Dong Joo)

Abrasive but Gorgeous Being from Another Star you-who-came-from-the-stars So there’s that bewitching guy you keep running into. He’s cold and unfriendly but you’re strangely attracted to him. You don’t know anything about him but he always appears when you need him and he’s dependable and strong. You find out he’s a being from another star who’s lived for hundreds of years and might disappear at any moment? Would you still date him knowing you’ll age and he won’t or he might leave you without pre-notice?!

(You Who Came from the Stars/ Kim Soo Hyun: Do Min Joon)

Clumsy and Naive Prince of Another Planet AlienSam1 A new teacher comes to your school. He’s blooming, nice, caring but naive and clumsy. He has the heart of a child. But he turns out to be a prince of another planet stopping temporarily in Earth to fix his airship. What would you do and how would you act?

(Alien Sam/ Jang Geun Suk:Sam)

Drop-Dead Gorgeous Clueless Vampires yer_vampidol2 And as if your long-lasting dream comes true. Overnight you have three charming young men with the hottest bodies and most affable personalities in your house. They’re too clueless and innocent it’s so adorable. But those very Adonises are vampires coming from some vampire planet. Would you really care about wherever they come from?! Especially that they don’t actually suck people’s blood! (Vampire Idol)

An Eye-Candy Almost-Dangerous Vampire Untitled20150313143013 A genius doctor starts working in the hospital you work in or visit. He’s talented heartthrob. But he’s abrupt and gets on your nerves. Can you resist his overwhelming charms? What if you start lowering your guard and he turns to be a vampire trying to control his blood thirst?!

(Blood/ Ahn Jae Hyun: Park Ji Sang) 
Which of these supernatural beings you’d date? Do you have others? Is there a supernatural being that you’d never date? Please share your thoughts.


15 thoughts on “Would You Date a Supernatural Being, if …… ? (Male Version)

  1. I’ve watched only A Werewolf boy from all these and it’s a movie i loved, it had emotional dynamics and a strong storyline going on! Out of the rest, only a few are in my plans only when my drama stars are aligned! Gu Family Book, My Loved from another Star and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho are the ones i’m talking about and they aren’t first priorities, the only reasons i wanna watch them are Suzy, THE GODDESS Jeon Ji Hyeon and the storyline of Gumiho respectively. To your article’s question, i wouldn’t date anyone of them for apparent reasons 😀 I will date Lee Da Hae! XD

    I’m looking forward to the female version!

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  2. I want to BE a Vampire so yeah…I’d not only date one, I’m actively looking! 😉

    Love Werewolf Boy…brilliant story beautiful to look at, and amazing acting…everything about it was perfect for me. I’ve watched it 3 times now. I wish it would have lasted for hours. My Girlfriend was cute and Shin Min-a is just fantastic in it, but when isn’t she. Never did finish Gu, maybe one day. I did not find it well acted and the story just wasn’t grabbing me…but it is on my list to go back to and see if it was just my mood at the time. Could NOT do Vampire Idol. Never even heard of Alien Sam. Thought Star was very well done, really enjoyed it a lot, looked forward to it every week, but I was not as insane as the rest of the world was over it and have no desire to watch it again. I am fast losing interest in Blood. I had such high hopes but knew I would be struggling with it when they said KHS was going to be in it. Her character is so irritating, it’s sucking out what little life is in that drama, for me. AJH is doing a good job with his part as are most of the rest of the cast, but it should end at 16. The story has run it’s course already. There was a lot of promise in the concept, but the end product is just not living up to what I want and expect.

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  3. I’m dating the abrasive superhot professor from another planet . I have no doubt I’ve just made the right decision . Do min Joon train forever .

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  4. Oh my gosh, I love this post! I’ve always been a vampire or demon person myself, but out of the options above I gotta go with the werewolf boy. The film was amazing and Song Joong Ki was so adorable!

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