Angry Mom; the first 4 episodes: How I Feel…

Characters Development

Jo Gang Ja/ Jo Bang Wool (Kim Hee Sun) Untitled20150329120702

Now this is a character I like. Jo Gang Ja is not a typical mother spoiling her daughter or a victimised daughter-in-law yielding to her mother-in-law’s demands. She cares about her family; yes. But being uneducated and ”ignorant” does not bring her down. She only cowers when it comes to her daughter. From the very first scene when she cursed the trouble-making customers out of her shop, her strong and independent character started glowing. She cannot tolerate injustice; having endured it before. She believes that no one protects anyone else. Everyone is for themselves. At the same time, she tries her best to help protect her daughter. I love how she uses her fist when needs but at the same time trusts people and believes in their goodness. She might not look like a high schooler -she’s 38 so if she actually did that’d cause a great ruckus around the world- but she definitely looks young and her uniform fits her perfectly. I’m completely loving her. Let’s wait to see if her findings would alter that kindness and trust she has in humanity! Park Noh Ha (Ji Hyun Woo) photo575655 I completely understand the students’ remarks about this teacher. When Gang Ja murmured: ”There’s no cure for this guy”; I clapped. Park Noh Ha is the son of an idealistic judge (so far). He believes that justice prevails and people are born good and whatnot. He’s a teacher because he wants to help students hope and dream. He quotes poetry all the time. He’s a perfect model of a 19th century English Romanticist. I understand and relate to him; being inflicted by the same disease. But at the same time I realise how unrealistic and nerve-wrecking taking teaching as a life mission is. The considerate and caring teacher Park Noh Ha wants to be, gets rejected first by all by the students he wants to dedicate his life to. When Gang Ja was taking notes of the people in school on her first day, she wrote beside his name; ”push-over”. Well, he honestly is. I’m worried about the number of shocks he’ll be facing -he faced a big one in episode 4- and how these shocks would change his personality and beliefs. The ironic letter he wrote to Yi Kyung before the big shock showed perfectly how delusional he was. Unlike what he wanted to convey to the poor student; the world is a cruel place; very.

Oh Ahn Ran (Kim Yoo Jung) Untitled20150329115423 Her character hasn’t developed yet. She’s still cold, petrified and distrustful. She’s facing too much pain and pressure for a kid her age; and typically not realising who truly cares for her. I hope she summons the courage to fight back; knowing how hard and painful that would be.

Go Bok Dong (Ji Soo) Untitled20150329115626 Now this boy is surprising me. So far he’s having a really important role. The inner battle he goes through as he struggles between what he believes is right and what reality shows him, between what life should be like and what she really is and between his life as a kid and as a younger brother selling his soul to get his older brother out of jail; Bok Dong is the most intriguing character so far. He’s not like the girls bullying for fun. I’m not justifying but the pitiful boy is stuck. The meal Gang Ja cooked him would help the humane him come out I hope. He reminds me of Big Bang’s Taeyang at times and Song Joon Ki at others. And he’s really talented.

Do Jeong Woo (Kim Tae Hoon) photo578999d They did not leave me waiting for long. They immediately showed me the villain he; not that I expected otherwise -Operation Proposal was an exception-. This type of character is the one I detest the most and at the same time is the one that leaves me stupefied at how ruthless it can be. What nuggets of wisdom he utters! What composed gentleman he presents! Principals and beliefs! And behind the scenes; oh my god! He gives me goosebumps! Complete D.I.D!!

Ahn Dong Chul (Kim Hee Won) Untitled20150329120724

Ahn Dong Chul is a flat character. He’ll stay the scumbag throughout believing he’s the one wronged and not feeling or realising anything else. He’s willing to bring up thousand of excuses to justify his actions and always blames life. He was born a bad ass though he’d never admit that.

Cute and Lovely Cy4MEinzJjpu635629256065791192 1- Yaaaaaaaaaaay Baro’s hairstyle.. It just gives him the air of an insecure nerd perfectly. And Baro’s room! Oh Heavens! 11082574_976116889065124_3493664275282276726_n 2- Ji Hyun Woo’s smile; well I’ve just stated a common fact. http:// 3- The main OST; deep lyrics, overwhelming voice and mesmerising music. photo578904

4- Kim Hee Sun’s black hoody; I want one!

C’mon! What’s with the secret safe inside the school’s library?!

What if you were Gang Ja?

If you were a highschool dropout mother of 34 with a useless husband and a nagging mother-in-law. You work all day in a restaurant and get scolded for that at home. You’re hiding so many secrets and because of those secrets you’re daughter is not accepting you. One day you find out that your daughter is seriously bullied, what will you do?!

A Bully’s Point of View:

Why?! They get on my nerves. They’re annoying. They shouldn’t be in my school. Look at the way they dress! They come from a poor family! Beggars! I can’t stand any hassle! OR I’m getting paid for this. I’m getting threated for this. As long as I’m fine, I don’t care what happens to those I bully.

A Bullied Point of View I know I’m weak. I can’t defend myself. The teachers won’t do anything. My parents would only make it bigger and I’ll get bullied more. I’ll lose my friends. I don’t want to become a loner. They’ll get tired and walk away one day. Maybe I should just yield to them and shut up.

A Teacher’s Point of View They’re all kids. They’re only misled. They need our help and guidance. The world is not as cruel as we think it is. Most of our worries come from our fantasies. Teachers care about you and want your best. You can tell me everything, I’ll be there for you. I’ll help you solve your problem and move on. That’s my duty after all. What’s your point of view?


2 thoughts on “Angry Mom; the first 4 episodes: How I Feel…

  1. I am loving this show. So anxious for the next episodes. Every character has more facets than they are showing …I question my feelings about many of them…and I love that unknown factor, where bad and good guys are not clear cut. I think/hope this drama MAY show how a bullied child can grow into a damaged adult and how that adult can either become a bully themselves, or weak and indecisive, or strong, or guilty, or any mixture of those. It seems to also be trying to show that bullies can be born or created…an age old question. And how choices made as children either by or for them will have everlasting repercussions on them and those around them. Being a parent or a teacher is a huge huge huge responsibility. Too many of us go into either of those careers ill prepared for just how hard and heart wrenching they can be.


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