Park Jung Hwan Gate

I’m still watching Punch. So many dramas to watch and article to write so I struggle to finish dramas. And honestly I don’t feel like finishing it. I’ll miss it badly.

I’ve just finished episode 13 and I get more and more impressed by everyone’s acting and by the crazily well-written story and all those twists and cliff hangers. What’s leaving me dumbfounded now is the new battle called Park Jung Hwan Gate and Lee Ho Sung’s role in it. Lee Tae Jun’s evilness doesn’t surprise me anymore but the role Lee Ho Sung is taking was unexpected. I felt he was going the wrong track. Yes he was but he lost the track completely. I never imagined that he’s actually use such cheap tricks to trip Park Jung Hwan.

To wait for a friend to die and dump all your dirt on him! Wow! Human beings are more disgusting than I’ve ever thought!


2 thoughts on “Park Jung Hwan Gate

  1. I loved his multi-dimensional acting in this. He kept saying he was moving towards the same goals, just using a different method. Yet there were times where the slight shifts in his facial expression and his eyes told you he knew he was doing wrong and he knew he could never be forgiven for it. That he could do such horrible things and then have me hoping a praying for him to SOMEHOW change and not be bad, that I kept hoping that core of goodness he USED to have would come back, that I kept feeling bad for him every time he acted badly, just shows how great his acting was as this character.

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